Service Employees International Union Local 1


Houston Needs A Raise

For the richest 1%, Houston is booming.

  • Forbes recently named Houston the nation’s “#1 Millionaire City” for annual growth in millionaires
  • And oil and gas companies headquartered in Houston made billions – in 2011 alone

But working families are not sharing in this prosperity.

  • The hard-working janitors cleaning the headquarters of billion-dollar oil companies and makes are making just $9,000 each year
  • Plus, Texas is tied with Mississippi for the highest proportion of minimum jobs in the nation

OUR PETITION—We represent America’s faith, labor, community and political leaders, and we are standing up for economic fairness. We call on Houston’s corporate elite—the bankers, the oil companies, and the commercial real estate industry—to support the good jobs we need to rebuild the middle class, grow our economy, and make the American Dream real again for all of us. No one who lives and works in a city this wealthy should have to struggle to survive or raise their children in poverty. We believe that Houston can do better.

All Houstonians have the right to:

  • Good, family-sustaining jobs
  • Safe neighborhoods
  • Quality education
  • Affordable, accessible health care
  • Freedom from discrimination

Together, we can make “Millionaire City” a place where we ALL prosper. Sign the pledge.